How does TradePongo compare to eBay?

Our goal is to give you the simplest and most fun way to sell online. See how we stack up.



Below we'll run a simple test of what it will cost you to sell a watch on ebay vs TradePongo.

On average, a TradePongo seller keeps 15+% more of their money than an Ebay seller.

Example: Selling a Watch

Sale Price


Final Value Fee



Listing Fees $0.30-$1.50 Free
Total Fees $38.05 $5
Total Profit $211.95 $245

Net Revenue



In addition to the above mentioned fees, Ebay also has listing fees and 10% charges on your shipping rate, which means you're looking at parting with around 20% of your sales price in fees!


TradePongo vs Ebay Store Fees

Both TradePongo & Ebay offer store fronts for professional sellers & businesses where one can upload their own business logo, set their store and shipping policies, create coupons and much more.

Here is head to head comparison between TradePongo and Ebay.


Store Fees

50 Listings Not Available $3.95/month
250 Listings $27.95/month $5.95/month
1,000 Listings $74.95/month $14.95/month
10,000 Listings $349.95/month $29.95/month
100,000 Listings $2,999.95/month $49.95/month
1 Million Listings Not Available $99.95/month